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Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:42 pm

See the checklist for LAX_GND plus the following. However remember that there are endless possibilities so do not restrict yourself just to this checklist, these are just a few ideas. Make sure the mentor/instructor approves of whatever you may choose.

Do you have more that you think should be added? Feel free to post them in this thread and they might get added to the list.

* Miniroute

* Call for miniroute with a jet (jets can't have the miniroute)

* Closed traffic (right traffic for 24R).

* Closed traffic (left traffic for 25L)

(The idea is, when doing closed traffic, to switch from one side to the other).

* Call inbound from a visual reporting point such as Dodger Stadium

* Fly the SFRA squawking 1201.

*call up as a helicopter for the miniroute (helicopters can't fly the miniroute)

*Test coordination skills by requesting a touch and go on 24R followed by a right crosswind departure (controller shouldn't clear aircraft for the right crosswind until released by controller controlling SMO)

*Request the shoreline route at 150ft as a fixed wing

*Request VFR straight out (west) departure negative flight following. You'd be surprised how much that confuses the students

Here's a VFR combo that gets much tested quickly.

1. VFR S, flight following: VFR departure to the S, flight following. Ask for an intersection departure.

Contacting approach, keep flight following. Let approach/center know you'll be doing miniroute N. Approach/center will send you over to tower freq but let you keep your squawk.

2. Miniroute N: Proceed at 2500 to Hawthorn & 405 and contact tower. Request the Miniroute Northbound.

Once out of the miniroute on the N side, tower will send you back over to approach/center, since you are still on flight following. Once there, go ahead and cancel flight following.

3. Miniroute S, no charts: Contact tower again, ask for the miniroute South, but this time you want the "no charts" miniroute. Say the chart flew out the window. Say your VOR receiver broke. Say your astrological chart says that you can't follow charts when flying South bound. Tower will give you the "over the numbers 24R, midfield 25L, heading 130, 2500" speech.

Start slowing down when overhead the field, because once tower tells you that you can change to advisory frequency, you'll ask for...

4. Touch and go, VFR departure N, no flight following. You'll probably be given a left downwind for 25L, then a right crosswind departure at the shoreline.

5. Full stop: During your Northbound departure after the touch and go, you don't even have to wait for tower to tell you switch to advisory before you ask for a full stop: If there's a break on the frequency, ask for a full stop as you cross the 24's. Otherwise, wait until tower gets a chance to tell you to change frequency, and ask for a full stop then. Tower will almost certainly give you a right downwind for 24R. Your goal is to land on the N side and taxi to the S side.

6. Taxi from N side to S side: Landing on 24R, once clear, be sure to announce "parking South side at Landmark (or Atlantic)." I used to just announce I was clear and let them have to figure out that a GA plane was most likely parking South side, but so few tower controllers figured that out that I decided that was too tricky. Now announce I'm parking South side and remove all doubt, and many controllers still don't pick up on it. So tell them you're parking South side and watch them cook their own goose by telling you "cross 24 left and taxi to parking via echo."

While you are taxiing South, assuming you did not get a "hold short" instruction, PM the instructor and ask him if he'd like you to barrel across the 25's when you get there. Sometimes the instructor will want you to cross the 25's to make a point to the student. Sometimes the instructor will want to break in and give you a hold short instruction. Sometimes the instructor will poke the student with a stick and the student will give you the instruction. And on the best days the student will figure out what you're about to do and just give you the hold short instruction on his own.

Now, your goal in this is to make a point for the student, not to ruin the experience of another pilot. So do not cross the runway, even if cleared to do so, immediately in front of another plane on takeoff or landing in such a way that you'll make the other pilot think there's going to be a crash. Halfway down the runway with a plane on a 1 mile final? Sure. 2000 yards in front of a plane on its takeoff roll. No way.

If there's time left over and the instructor wants the student to see some tricky stuff, once you're back at parking:

7. VFR S, turbojet, no flight following: Switch your a/c type to a turbojet and ask for a VFR departure, no flight following. Be sure to be explicit with your a/c type when you call, because you've probably just been a prop many times and want to make sure tower catches the change. "Tower, Boeing 129P, Type SEVEN THREE SEVEN..." You should be given flight following anyway. There are two ways controllers do this. Either they tell you you have to have flight following, or they just give you a squawk, which sort of implies that you're getting flight following, and then give you a departure heading and altitude, which seals the deal. If you get a squawk, a departure heading and an altitude, you're being given the full turbojet flight following package.

8. Miniroute N, turbojet. Once departed, you'll need approach/center's cooperation, because you want to cancel flight following and proceed under the bravo to the Hawthorn and 405 at 2500. Turbojets aren't allowed under the Bravo, so just let approach/center know you're breaking the rules for controller training and it should be alright. Again, when you call tower, be explicit with your a/c type: "LA Tower, Boeing 129P, type SEVEN THREE SEVEN, Hawthorn and 405, 2500, request miniroute North." You should be refused the miniroute, as no turbojets are permitted to fly it.
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