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Matt Orellana
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Who was Tyler Goeggel?

Thu May 01, 2014 6:12 pm

Tyler ("TG") Goeggel joined ZLA on March 15, 2009. He was a pilot, controller, instructor, and most importantly, always will be a part of the ZLA family. He was one of the most dedicated people to ZLA over the last 5 years through his devotion to making ZLA one of the most reputable AARTCCs on the network. TG had a very strong desire to selflessly contribute his time to the aartcc through a multitude of means.

Tyler's first session on LAX GND occurred on April 19, 2009 and in an unprecedented time of just over a year, he passed his LAX Center certification on June 2, 2010. He tirelessly worked to achieve center status with excellence. TG accumulated almost 700 instructor hours by continuosly training students on the scopes and an undocumented amount of time providing traffic on the ground during sessions. Overall, Tyler accumulated almost 3200 hours controlling and visiting aartccs including but not limited to HNL, ABQ, and DEN; over 1900 of his controlling hours and 1200 sessions were while controlling on the ZLA scopes. When he wasn't on the scopes, he spent an abundance of his efforts behind the scenes grading exams and frequently updating SOPs and students on real world changes in the ZLA aartcc.

Tyler was weeks away from receiving his AA diploma while concurrently attending high school. His dream was to attend the University of North Dakota, majoring in Air Traffic Control. His dream came true as he was accepted into the university. It was his passion and to him, it was his purpose in life. As intelligent and amiable he was, he succumbed to his “erratic mind” and departed from this world on May 14, 2013. He was 18 years old.

It is important to reiterate that Tyler left saying that if anybody “gets depressed, have suicidal thoughts, or anything like [to] get help right away.” Since the incident, the hurt and pain is still indescribable as I find myself still struggling to complete this post almost a year later. For everyone reading this, take note that you have family and friends not only in your immediate surroundings, but around the world who are here to listen to you, including me.

For those of you who have had an impact on Tyler's aviation passion, I am evermore grateful. I hope that although Tyler has left, his legacy remains in ZLA and continues to be resourceful. Thank you.


Matthew Orellana (OA)

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TG on the right of the picture

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Tyler Goeggel Memorial Fly-In on March 16th. It meant the world to me and to Tyler's family that so many people cared about him and celebrated his life through something that he loved.
Here is a screenshot that I took only highlighting some of the controllers and pilots who participated in the event. Once again, thank you.
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