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DEL Initial Altitude Question

Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:58 pm

Hi folks, I'm a bit new to ZLA (and VATSIM), and am working on my ZLA clearance delivery exam. In the study guide it says quite clearly that:
Pronounce Altitudes below 18000' by stating the numbers in front of the comma in individual form, followed by the word "thousand", and the numbers after it in group form. If the numbers after the comma are all zeros, then end on "thousand". Aircraft should be told to expect their final altitude 5 minutes after departure. For example;
In the LAX_DEL SOP it says:
5. When Los Angeles is departing to the west, all IFR departures assigned a SID should be issued 5000 or their requested cruise altitude, whichever is lower. When Los Angeles is departing to the east, all IFR departures should be issued an initial climb to 3,000, and told to expect their requested cruise altitude/flight level five minutes after departure.
And in the "Issuing IFR Clearances" SOP it says:
Assign the initial altitude to maintain, "maintain 5,000" (depending upon the departure field as shown above) followed by an instruction to "expect [final cruise altitude or flight level] 5 minutes after departure".
However, on many (nearly all?) of the LAX SID charts, it specifically says that departures should be told to expect clearance to their final flight level three minutes after departure.

So, which is it? There are many resources that say 5m, but the more specific actual SID charts say to expect 3m.


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Re: DEL Initial Altitude Question

Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:52 pm

Hi Ryan,
First of all, welcome to ZLA. You are correct that many of the ZLA SID's say 3 minutes. For simplicity purposes we have standardized the procedure and made it 5 minutes for all airports/departures in ZLA.
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