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David Walsh
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IFR Route Planning (KSLE-KBOI)

Mon May 14, 2012 4:20 pm

Hi guys,

I know this isn't a local question but it should be generic enough that somebody here can help, plus I trust you guys more :)

I'm planning a flight from Salem, OR (KSLE) to Boise, ID (KBOI) in the Eaglesoft Citation X V1.0 in the Flight Levels. This aircraft only has the default FS GPS therefore I am hesitant to file /G as the FS GPS is nowhere near up to date. I, therefore, would file as /A or /W.

The SLE ODP takes you to TURNO, the LOM for the ILS Runway 31. TURNO is part of V23, which runs North/South between EUG and BTG. From BTG you can join J5 to BOI.

I figure, therefore, that in the worst case scenario, I can file TURNO V23 BTG J15 BOI. However, if I don't want to go all the way to BTG, I could file TURNO V23 CANBY V500 IMB J5 BOI. The issue with that route would be that you are on V routes for 165nm. Will ATC climb you above 17,000 if you file a V route for the first part of your flight?

The other thing I figure you can do would be to file TURNO V23 CANBY IMB J5 BOI. This is basically the same as the filing via V500 but it would be considered a Direct Flight (AIM 5-1-8 Section C) and is no longer a V route. Is this legitimate? Could CANBY, defined by the radials of V23 and V500, be considered a FIX that can be accurately defined (from AIM 5-1-8, Section C, Part 1)? I imagine IMB VOR (H) can be accurately defined so provided you are above 14,500 (taking into account AIM 5-1-8, Section C, Part 3), you can use this as a direct FIX? Can I assume that ATC will provide terrain clearance via MVA if I file this route?

Also, lets say I decide to file /G for this leg since I know most of the waypoints will be in the default FS GPS. Can you file TURNO IMB J5 BOI as an RNAV Random Route within controlled airspace? From what I can tell, you go from SLE Class D into Class E into Class A so you don't leave controlled airspace. Can I assume that ATC will provide terrain clearance via MVA if I file this route?

Any insight is appreciated.


David Walsh.

Mike Cassel
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Re: IFR Route Planning (KSLE-KBOI)

Mon May 14, 2012 10:11 pm


The first big question you're asking about is whether it's legitimate to use victor airways in the flight levels. The short answer is - well there is no real short answer. There is a long answer which was sort of covered in this thread:, but the general consensus is, it's done all the time in real life.

Another question you are asking about relates to VOR ranges and such - again, the short answer here is that as long as you're under radar coverage, all of that stuff is basically not important, see 7110.65 4-2. CANBY is defined on the chart as the intersection of two radials, and as long as you are on one of them, and you have radar coverage, irrespective of the official VOR ranges it's legitimate to file and fly /A. CANBY IMB is perfectly legitimate to file under those circumstances.

Finally, as for who is responsible for terrain clearance, ATC has minimum IFR altitudes that they will use to provide obstruction clearance on non-airway routes. Those aren't generally available to pilots but ATC will keep you above them. In any case, the very highest point in the lower 48 states is about 14.5, so if you're at 17000+ you won't have to worry about terrain at all.

Hope that helps!
Mike Cassel "ML"

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