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CalScream XIX [18 MAY 2019 | 2300z - 0400z | 1600-2100z]

Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:04 pm


Besides being online simulation's largest fly-in event, CalScream is unique because during the event, pilots and controllers re-enact the most accurate duplication of real-world flying seen. Rather than the unrealistic sight of having 300 planes in a single-file line going to one airport, where you follow one guy in front of you for 250 miles (whom you may never see), we encourage a greater mix and spread of traffic. At CalScream, pilots fly from many medium to large airports in a smaller area, to other airports in the same area. When you fly, not only are there planes in front of you, but planes crossing right to left, above and below you - and traffic coming opposite direction. ATC will have to move you several times during your flight to miss other traffic, creating a far more realistic experience.

The best part of CalScream is that for the four hours of the fly-in, we replicate virtually every flight that originates and ends in our airspace, with realistic callsigns, routes, and departure times. We've taken all of your hard work out of it - all you need to do as a pilot is decide which of the 200+ flights available at that you'd like to fly and sign up for them. The data we supply contains all of the information you need to complete your flight: A route, links to charts, airspace maps, callsigns, aircraft type, and most important – your departure time. On the day of the event, with charts in hand, you'll be calling clearance delivery for pushback at the same exact time as a real-world pilot calling for his... You'll be departing at the same time as your real-world counterpart, and seeing the same traffic out the window as a real airline pilot would see. This is truly as real as it gets!

Signups on the banner!
Rory Hennessy
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Troy Nakauchi
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Re: CalScream XIX [18 MAY 2019 | 2300z - 0400z | 1600-2100z]

Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:28 pm

Are you going for CalScream 19?

19 would be XIX.

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Re: CalScream XIX [18 MAY 2019 | 2300z - 0400z | 1600-2100z]

Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:46 pm

The banner's author was notified last night. It'll get fixed :)

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