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SOP Changes

Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:58 am

All, there have been some small changes to the Center SOP and the Position Restrictions SOP.

We have updated the sector split numbering to better align our splits with their real world counterparts. Accordingly, Sector 06 is now Sector 16. Sector 36 is now Sector 35.


Section 1-1-1 of the Center SOP has also been updated. With new audio launching, and the new way in which it functions, we will now use "LAX_CTR" as the main combined callsign, still using 125.80 (LA 04/Area B). The primary reliever callsign will be "LAX_1_CTR." The wording is below:
When LA Center is combined, the call sign LAX_CTR shall be used. When relieving LA Center
Combined, the call sign LAX_1_CTR shall be used.

Position Restrictions Policy
We've added a new section 5(2) to the policy, shifting other sections down a number.
No controller shall work more than one position or frequency during non-event times, except for briefly providing coverage for another controller who has stepped away or for the purpose of providing an ATIS. During event times, controllers may work more than one position or frequency only as authorized by the ATM, DATM, EC, or CIC.
Some of you may have heard that the new codec included some ability to control multiple positions at the same time (similar to PilotEdge). It's complicated, but at launch the new codec will function as similarly as possible to the existing setup. Accordingly, we felt it necessary to clarify that one controller works one frequency, and codify the status quo. As things evolve, we will stay on top of the updates and restructure accordingly. I expect some minor changes when the radar clients are updated.

Other SOP Updates
The other change notices are on SOPs and LOAs directly affected by the new sector numbers. Not other changes have been made.

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