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1909 Changes

Fri Aug 23, 2019 5:28 pm

Hi all,

AIRAC 1909 was effective 8/15/19.

Airspace Changes

  • ZLA Sector 13, formerly on 132.60, is now Sector 28 on 132.15. The ZLA Enroute SOP has been updated. A new enroute sector map will arrive soon™.
    • VOR Frequency Changes
      • The frequency for POGGI VOR (PGY) has been changed from 109.8 to 116.45. I don't know how many VATSIM pilots actually tune VORs, but we may need to let them know (particularly for the BRDR7), since the scenery will likely use the old frequency for awhile. Prepare for confusion...
      • The frequency for LAKE HUGHES VOR (LHS) has been changed from 108.4 to 114.35. This affects many procedures into and out of the LA area from the north, most notably the KIMMO3.
    • KLAX
      • Taxiway N is now taxiway H8.
    • KONT
      • The west cargo ramp is gone, just in time for our event.
      • Taxiways H and J near the international terminal no longer have names.
      • Taxiway S2 near the GA ramp is now taxiway F.
      • Taxiway S3 is gone.
      • Of course, none of this will be included in any scenery for awhile.
    • KBFL
      • The MEADO4 departure has been upnumbered to add the required "TOP ALTITUDE: AS ASSIGNED BY ATC" note.

    That's all, folks! As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

    Chris Carstens
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    Re: 1909 Changes

    Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:39 pm

    I wonder if the FAA is taking old VOR's that had frequencies in the "approach navaid" range and increasing them now that other navaids are being shut down. Either way, going to be a hassle for sim pilots since updating physical navaids in P3D is a real PITA. Maybe with MSFS2020...

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