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1812 Changes

Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:58 pm

Hi all,

AIRAC 1812 is effective 11/8/18.

Airspace Changes

  • KONT
    • The SNSHN4 arrival is upnumbered to remove the 280 knot restriction at LIVVI and NLAND and to add a typo to the notes. Link.
  • Minor Airports
    • The HAYEZ8 departure at KVNY is upnumbered. Some transitions now allow high-performance turboprops and some now allow only turbojets. Link.
    • The SBA5 departure at KSBA is upnumbered. The top altitude is now 3,000 and the BSR and ROM transitions have been deleted.
    • The RTTRN3 departure at KVGT has been deleted.
    • The NOTWN5 departure at KVGT is upnumbered. It now allows for departures from all runways.
    • The FRITR3 departure at KLGB was upnumbered for AIRAC 1810, but I didn't make an 1810 post. Changes were minor.
    • KNXF is deleted from the airport database. Don't know if they're closing it or what. Not that it's ever used on VATSIM...
  • Irrelevant to VATSIM
    • PDZ and PMD VORs no longer have voice transmit capability.

Facility File Changes

  • General
    • Facility files have been given a more consistent naming scheme.
  • Sector Files
    • Diagrams for the new Santa Barbara splits have been added.
    • The zla sector file, version 2112, diagram list has been reordered for ease of use.
  • Alias File
    • The alias file has been reorganized for ease of reading and editing. Expect some gradual alias changes over the coming months.
    • A new set of PDC aliases is available which instruct the pilot to contact ground prior to pushback instead of prior to taxi, as the current aliases do. To use the new aliases, simply add "push" to the front of the existing alias. For example, ".pushpdcvx 5,000". Handy for events.
    • Added ".hodu" alias for tower controllers when no departure is online.
    • Added the following aliases:
      • ".lmadelta [direction]": For VFR aircraft leaving delta tower airspace. Says "leaving my airspace to the [direction], frequency change approved, so long."
      • ".lmatwr [direction]": For VFR aircraft leaving bravo and charlie tower airspace. Says "leaving my airspace to the [direction], squawk VFR, frequency change approved, so long."
  • POF Files
    • A new Santa Barbara POF file is available.
    • The ZLA and ZLA_ERAM POF files have been merged. POF files should now be used according to the following rules:
      • All positions (radar and tower) within the SoCal TRACON: use "pof_sct".
      • All positions (radar and tower) within the L30 TRACON: use "pof_l30".
      • All positions (etc.) within the Santa Barbara TRACON: use "pof_sba".
      • All other positions (LAX_CTR, plus radar and tower positions not in the above TRACONs): use "pof_zla".
  • vSTARS Facilities
    • A radar map for the new Santa Barbara splits has been added.
    • I've brought back the simplified San Diego facility profile for those new S3s interested in learning vSTARS.
    • The CRDA should work at KLAS now. Try it with "[F7] [N] LAS1S [ENTER]" (no spaces, and you need track on an airplane approaching 26L/R for it to work).
  • vATIS Facilities
    • A new Santa Barbara facility has been added.

Much thanks to DE and MK for updating the files for the new Santa Barbara splits and to DE for creating the new PDC aliases and the diagrams in the revised Santa Barbara SOP. If you haven't already, go check it out. Let's try to drum up some traffic for next month's event!


P.S. I'd love to hear your feedback on the facility files. If there's anything you like, don't like, or want to see in future updates, email [email protected].
Chris Carstens
ZLA Facility Engineer

Enrico Noia
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Re: 1812 Changes

Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:14 am

Great! Thank you, CC :)

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Re: 1812 Changes

Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:01 am

Nice work, CC, MK and DE

Nick Christopher
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Re: 1812 Changes

Thu Nov 15, 2018 4:05 pm

Very cool. Nice work.
Nick Christopher
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