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1806 Changes

Wed May 23, 2018 6:04 pm

Hi all,

AIRAC 1806 is effective tomorrow, 5/24/18. Here are the changes to our airspace:

  • LAX
    • A new LAX arrival, the BAYST1 (page 1, page 2), has been published. It is turbojet-only and has the REBRG and BURGL transitions from the IRNMN and the SNAXX and CERNL oceanic transitions from the RYDRR. The difference is that after CLIFY, aircraft are sent across the finals at 7,000 to join the downwind for 25L using the new fixes DWYER, AYYYY, and PETYR. The final altitude is 5,000. It is ATC-assigned only.
    • The IRNMN2, HUULL2, and RYDDR2 are upnumbered with crossing restriction changes. The IRNMN2 is no longer usable by turboprops.
    • The ANJLL3 and BIGBR3 are upnumbered with non-substantive changes.
    • The ORCKA3 is upnumbered to move KLIPR south of the airport. Hopefully this will help curb the right-turn ORCKAs once people update their databases.
    • The LAX airport diagram has been updated. Looks like taxiway T now connects all the way to E, but there is now a discontinuity in S between T1 and a new T2. Looks like construction is still ongoing, so I guess we'll hold off on making any ASDE-X file changes for now.
  • SAN
    • The COMIX2 and TOPGN2 are upnumbered with crossing restriction changes. The TOPGN2 is no longer usable by turboprops.
  • BUR
    • The JANNY4 is upnumbered with minor changes. The KREME transition is now for KLAS departures only and the WNCHL transition is now ATC-assigned only.
    • The HARYS2, RSCO2, and WLKKR3 at KVNY are upnumbered with changes to the initial segment and aircraft types allowed.
    • KWHP has a new ODP, the WHITEMAN ONE.
  • ONT
    • A new ONT arrival, the JCKIE1 (page 1, page 2), has been published. It is identical to the EAGLZ except after HINOH, where the course is 2-3 miles farther east. It does not have a transition to the 8's as the EAGLZ does.
  • LAS
    • The SITEE3 is upnumbered. MEAs are added to the route segments and a note about selecting the 26L transition for vertical navigation is removed.
  • Neighboring ARTCCs/LOAs
    • The SKIZM2 and BANND2 for KOAK east ops are upnumbered.
    • Many changes have been made to departures at KPHX and KSLC, but they should not affect us much.

Updated sector and alias files are available on the downloads page. Changes include:

  • Procedures updated to 1806.
  • Airways revised.
  • SIDs/STARs moved to end of diagrams list, as they are more easily toggled with the aliases (.orckap, .comixp, etc.).
  • All airports are now available (handy for FSEconomy pilots). If you like having airports checked in the view menu and it's too cluttered now, use the new .zlaairports alias to toggle the important ones.
  • Added a .tacans alias to toggle display of tacans.

Chris Carstens
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Re: 1806 Changes

Wed May 23, 2018 7:47 pm

Nice work. Thanks, CC.
Nick Christopher
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