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New ZOA Sectorization and You

Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:23 pm

Howdy all,

Our partners-in-consolidated-TRACON-crime have recently undergone some resectorization at the center level. They've added a couple of new sectors and adjusted the boundaries to better facilitate traffic flow into/out of the Bay Area. Here's a picture that of the new sectorization:


Pac South on 134.55 will cover most of your flows into SFO/SJC from the Socal area, and also handles the OFFSH departure flow out of SFO/OAK.
Area South on 133.7 is a familiar frequency, but it no longer covers what it largely used to. Now, it covers traffic over the Central Valley to OAK, RNO and SMF, as well as up to ZSE. It also sequences most of our inland arrival flows into SCT such as the IRNMN on ZIGGY.
Area East on 127.95 will handle our flows to and from ZOA to the L30 area.
The other two sectors, Pac North and Area North we won't generally deal with, but may talk to due to position consolidation.

Additionally, the Paso Robles and Lemore Shelves are formally being simulated now per our new LOA. You can see the delegation to ZOA in the above image, as well as in the LOA. It's also contained in our sector file, along with the new splits. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
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