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Cameron Negrete
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Ca VFR Tour?

Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:17 pm

Who would be interested in doing a VFR tour of Ca with some where in the neighborhood of 12 legs? See things like the 100 miles from 14k to -200 FT. Redwood, yosemite, etc. Little bit of everything, helo's, fast props, slow props.

So who is ineterest?

Edit: After looking at it, imo i Have come down to 17 legs, but most are short enough that we can do 2 in 1 day.
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Will Stewart
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Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:28 pm

VFR into IMC Club, assemble!

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Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:44 pm

I would be for sure, however due to prior commitments I would be unable to make most weekdays (unless after 8pm local, and most likely unable to on weekends) So let me know times and I will do my best to make it.
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Cameron Negrete
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Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:11 am

im looking at Saturdays... probably around 4PM local, but of course that is subject to change depending on what days most people can do.
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Matt Cadwell
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Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:00 am

I would LOVE this, but wouldn't be able to commit until school ends, May 21.
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Cameron Negrete
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Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:37 am

yea lets do this.

Here is my FP wont change unless you guys wanna see the nothingness of CA between Napa Valley and Humbolt county.

Note the tropical paradise in AZ!!! :P

here are departure airports what day and type of aircraft im expecting.
Leg Departure Airport Arrival Airport Aircraft Type Highlights for Flight Day
1 KAVX KOXR C172 LAX Class Bravo Transition. Hollywood 1
2 KOXR KSBA C172 Channel Islands 1
3 KSBA KPRB BE58 Los Padres National Forest, Pismo Beach. 2
4 KPRB 1C9 BE58 Central Cal Coast or San Andreas Fault Zone 2
5 1C9 KSQL C172 San Jose, Lower San Fransisco Bay Area 3
6 KSQL KSTS C172 Upper Bay Area, Napa. San Andreas Fault 3
7 KAVC KCEC C172 Redwood National Park 4
8 KCEC KSIY BE58 Mt. Shasta 4
9 KTRK O57 BE58 Lake Tahoe, Eastern Sierra's Part 1. 5
10 O57 KMMH BE58 Yosemite, Eastern Sierra's Part 2 5
11 KMMH O26 C172 Owens Valley. Mt Whitney, Eastern Sierra's Part 3 6
12 KFAT KBFL BE58 Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks 6
13 O26 L06 C172 Death Valley National Park 7
14 KEED KNYL BE58 Colorado River 7
15 KMYF KMYF Helo San Diego 8
16 L08 L35 C172 Anza Borrego State Park 8
17 L35 KRAL C172 San Bernadino National Forest, Palm Springs, San Jancinto Mtns. 9

Overall 17 legs spread out over 9 weeks. Going for 2 legs a day. We should be able to do 2 legs a day because frankly they are so small that none are really going to be much over an hour in lenght. Will post the FP and stuff about 3 days before hand normally. And they will all be on various days of the week, depending on my work.
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RT:"Its that thing in Star Wars."

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