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Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:29 pm
by Kevin Meyers
When aiding an instructor or mentor who is helping someone come up to speed on LAX ground, by being "dummy traffic" (and in my case, "dummy" is the perfect word), here are some of the clearances you can request that can help the instructor exercise the student. Be sure to PM the instructor first to ask what kind of the traffic the student needs. It's no good hitting a basic student with the nastiest stuff, or an advanced student with basic stuff.

LAX students get a whole lot of IFR stuff. But they don't get much of VFR so be sure to give them plenty of that. Next in importance is the TEC routes. Non-ZLA pilots don't ask for TEC routes, so its up to the regulars to make sure that the ground students get exposed to TEC routes.

Do you have more that you think should be added? Feel free to post them in this thread and they might get added to the list. Just make sure the instructor/mentor approves of what you're doing.
Here are some ideas of what you can do to test a ground controller. However the possibilities are endless, do not restrict yourself to just these things:

* VFR departure to the South, flight following.

* VFR departure to the North, no flight following.

* VFR, closed traffic.

* On one taxi, ask for an intersection departure.

* On one taxi, ask for progressive taxi.

* At least one time, forget to mention that you have the ATIS.

* A non-TEC IFR route, e.g. to William J. Fox, filed correctly.

* A TEC IFR route, filed correctly.

* A non-TEC IFR route, e.g. to William J. Fox, filed incorrectly. For example, file a turbojet-only STAR using a prop plane.

* A TEC IFR route, with no flight plan filed.

* A TEC IFR route, filed incorrectly: File an M route for a Q plane, etc, or wrong altitude, or East-ops when LAX is west ops, etc.

* Ask for taxi from the North side of the airport to the South, crossing as many runways as possible.

* A VFR departure, jet or large turboprop, not asking for flight following (you're supposed to be given it whether you ask for it or not).

* A round-robin clearance (LAX->LAX). The SLI5 departure will work for this.