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Wayne Conrad
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All I wanted to do was take a whiz in the lake...

Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:51 pm

From the latest issue of Callback:

The pilot of a vintage J-3 Cub floatplane reported to ASRS that a cell phone call from a misguided golfer set in motion a law enforcement and search and rescue effort.

[quote]I aborted a landing on the southwest end of ABC Lake due to low level turbulence, windshear, and lake obstructions. At this time, I commenced on my route of flight southward over the golf course. According to [sheriff]…during climbout/departure of the aborted landing and passage of the golf course, a golfer called emergency personnel stating that a yellow aircraft flew over the golf course with wings rocking and engine sputtering. The individual then apparently stated he believed the aircraft crashed…[Another individual], after hearing the…commotion on her scanner, witnessed a yellow floatplane land on XYZ Lake. She stated the pilot stopped to fix the propeller, and minutes later took off heading southbound.

In reality, I attempted to land in ABC Lake to relieve myself, but due to weather constraints and other parameters could not do so safely, thus aborting the landing and continuing southbound. Due to moderate turbulence, windshear and closely spaced isobars the wings were rocking the entire route of flight…I could safely maneuver my aircraft for landing at XYZ Lake…The airplane…does not have an electrical system, therefore it needs to be started by hand. This is what I was doing: starting my airplane…[not] “fixing the propeller.â€

Timothy Salamon
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Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:07 pm

I make it a habit to land ohhhhh about every 12 clicks of the Hobbs to "fix the propeller."

Entertaining find Wayne :)
Timmeh! (ST)

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